Mid-Year Movie Recap

It’s been a busy 2010 but nothing can keep me from the MOVIES.

This past Tuesday I saw ‘El Secreto de tus Ojos’ directed by Juan José Campanella – it got me totally ramped up for Buenos Aires. It’s oddly hilarious, really insightful on Argentinian politics/class-system, and the cinematography is almost close to perfect. Did I mention it’s a suspenseful thriller slash unbelievable story? I can critique very little about this film, although I do believe the love story dragged on a bit too much.

Exit through the Gift Shop would probably be my next recommendation. Directed by London-based street artist Banksy, I’m still unclear how the whole thing came together. Does Mr. Brainwash really make money for those prints!? Banksy shines through as a hilarious & intelligent life activist who, through his random acts of ‘street art’ asks us to question what it is we are all buying into. It was kind of amazing to see the beginnings / history of what is now a very profitable type of art, Shepard Fairey’s Obama Hope Posters were at one point selling on eBay for a few thousand bucks (a big return on a $50.00 investment from his website). Even if you know zip about street art see it, these guys are characters and characters are good for the brain. –> Check DJ Mayo’s post for a full review 🙂

I saw A Prophet on a Sunday night (which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend). I went with my friend Alyssa who, like I, gets the Sunday blues. Well this movie brought a whole new dynamic to whatever Sunday anxiety one gets struck with. Powerful wow. I’m a big sucker for gangster movies (they are by far my favorite type of movies to watch) and this film is a modern-day Godfather slash Scarface combination with a coolness factor. The french just do this so well. The soundtrack is fantastic – obscure random music that adds a nice element to the film. At times you will be lost trying to explain parts of the movie, in the end I go with yes.. he is a Prophet. Directed by Jacques Audiard

Oh and yes then there is Mother. Directed by Bong-Joon Ho (Who also did The Host), this movie is super inspiring. Ho is one of the few directors whose style I can not pinpoint but who captures life in a completely chaotic but awesome way. The Host was this hilarious frightening film with big political undertones while Mother seemed to be a big play on the psychology of poverty & rural life. I went with a Korean friend to see this film and at the end we both sat there for a few minutes staring at the screen, trying to fathom how one man could start and end a film so well. It’s a complicated story about relationships, contradictions, and death – it will make you analyze some really tough ethical questions.

Up next on my list . . .
1.) Anything free playing at the MOMA because I need to utilize my membership
2.) Sita Sings the Blues
3.) Fish Tank

Would love recommendations 🙂


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