Tilda Swinton – I watch in fascination

‘I Am Love’ directed by Luca Guadagnino is the type film that starts off rather slow but unravels into a series of intense scenes that leave you feeling empowered. I was entirely empowered by Tilda Swinton who plays the role of Emma (the mother). Tilda has this un-earthly type of beauty; her face is so peculiar you can’t help but stare. At the beginning of the film Emma leads this unfortunate un-engaging lifestyle full of lavish things that seem to really bore her. When she falls in love with Antonio, a good friend of her sons, she is reborn. The movie does an odd job of establishing their ‘connection’ but before you know it, scandalous loves scenes appear and Emma gives up everything to be with Antonio. The last scene of the movie is particularly touching & hilarious, Tilda is in a track jump suit, screaming goodbye to her former life (I may or may not have secretly cried).

A week later, I carried out my new-born obsession with Tilda and went to check out ‘Orlando,’ directed by Sally Potter. Wow, was I blown away. I expected to be bored by a Virginia Woolf remake; instead I was totally impressed by Tildas ability to play both a man & woman without ever really changing personality or emotions. On a mere budget of four million dollars, everything from the costumes, music, to scenery was extremely well done. I was even fortunate enough to hear Sally Potter & Tilda Swinton speak at the conclusion. They both sat on stage exemplifying my ideas of elegance, intelligence, and beauty – They shared their difficulty in getting enough money to make a movie that turned out to be a real break through for that time period.

Next steps – check out Tilda’s film Strange Culture. And need to catch more of Sally Potter’s movies, she has a real sense of confidence & connection with Orlando – hopefully that resonates in the rest of her films.


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