Don’t Miss Costas-Gavras

Life, doesn’t seem like an appropriate word to describe  Costas-Gavras depiction of Chile  in the film Missing. With the government shooting/killing random people, torture occurring in the city’s largest stadiums, and a generation of thinkers wiped out, life was barely breathing during Pinochet’s 1970’s regime.

Costas-Guarvas, Missing, is a powerful film (to say the least). You will be shocked and awed as Ed Hornman searches Chile for his son Charlie who, has gone missing after reportedly being arrested by the police. Based on a true story, the film unveils the monstrous acts of  Pinochet’s government and links U.S. involvement in not only knowing of Charlie’s disappearance but agreeing to his execution. Almost a decade after this movie, the Pinochet Files revealed the film to be frighteningly accurate – The U.S. did in fact back a coup against former president Allende.

The film will anger you, I hope it will make you google Wikileaks & read up on the Afghan files. That’s what I did.

Selected: Cannes Palm d’Or (1982)


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