Weekend Recap – Highlight: Cut Copy Downfall: PUNCHES

Friday night marked my third consecutive night of attending one of THE BOX’S risqué shows. They promise to shock you, keep you yearning for more, and most importantly, wish you could somehow become a regular at this wildly inappropriate and awesome place. The BOX doesn’t even need ‘good music’ since  everyone kind of flows around in anticipation of their late night & most grotesque show at 3am. This is the type of place you spend hours in & realize at 5 am that it’s probably time you go home. Please do check it (best way is to sneak in before midnight).

Sunday a few friends and I headed out the Williamsburg to check out Jelly’s free event on the waterfront. The space is an open field with a beer garden & the combination of sun, good friends, and dancing provided the perfect mix for a true SundayFunday.  Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford, the lead guitarist/vocalist, is a crowd pleaser not just for his vocals but his DANCE MOVES also do the trick.  He does this punching and hand-down movement that is too adorable. Their song line-up was just right, with an introduction to a few new tracks worth checking out. On the less pleasing side was PUNCHES an electronic trio (I guess we can call them that) that didn’t do much besides fist-pump and say “ello Brooklyn” in a horrible fake-British accent. I couldn’t stop dancing/laughing during their set.  Don’t miss other upcoming FREE Jelly events – you won’t be disappointed!

Cut Copy – Where I’m Going


See below some fun pictures courtesy my cracked storm screen.



  1. ksweeeez. · August 9, 2010

    Epic day.

    Good things always bouncing in BK… especially when foreigners are in town.


  2. storm · August 12, 2010

    check out my crappy video of us being cool in williamsburg last sunday. its in soft focus cuz i’m totally chillwave.

    fun times had by all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNzp5o5HJws


    • SophomoreRadio · August 13, 2010

      I totally totally digg this. Can I be more featured next round? Chromeo — be ready for my break dance moves.


    • Bullet Proof Vest · August 13, 2010

      Such a chill vibe… i feel like snuggling


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