Lets Recap: Highlight-DJ JORGE. Otro Mas-POSTO

Tuesday night on the slump DJ Jorge joined us from NJ. He reviewed Lollapalooza & discussed a range of funny topics which only he can dream of coming up with.  The BEST Thursday after work activity to participate in with work friends is officially karaoke. You should request MJ songs on repeat bc 1.) it’s a crowd pleaser 2.) everyone is guaranteed to know the lyrics. I then headed to Santos to check out the Twelves, God… I love them & the foreign crowd that they attract.

Friday – I officially saw the nicest view ever of NYC at BAIN in meat-packing. Saturday headed to Long Beach in my great ol’ hometown of Long Island for Mz. Yolen’s Birthday. DJ MAYO can report on the greatest/worst aspects of Coney Island although I believe she is still recovering from the consumption of a nathans hot dog & corn dog combo. At night, we enjoyed the most delicious meat slice of our lives(sounds dirty) from POSTO NYC. Danced off some calories in my new shades at LaZara. Sunday – I biked to Tribeca playing Van Morrison in my ears.  Madmen session topped it all off.

My song picks for today –

The Twelves – Works for Me. It does.

A little Van Morrison sweetness

Vanlose Stairway:



One comment

  1. T. · August 17, 2010

    Oh, Van Morrison, how you filled my childhood with quality classics…


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