Adored It – The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

This film is magical. The color is incredibly vivid & bright and the costumes are truly unbelievable.  It’s technically a musical but not an annoying overbearing one that I typically try to avoid. There are no songs, instead the characters dialogue is sung which, at first seems odd but turns out to add a unique element to the love story. It stars the always classic Catherine Deneuve, who looks incredibly youthful, as Geneviève.  Genevive falls for Guy, played by the handsome Nino Casteluovo. The couple have this innocent and dramatic session of falling in love when suddenly Guy is shipped off to war and Genevieve is left at home & pregnant. A bit dramatic I know. But seriously, the film unveils the idea of a lost opportunity, a chance of true love/happiness when Genevieve abandons Guy and instead marries a rich jeweler. She turns her back on her heart and is left unfilled (but covered in a mink coat & diamonds). As she whisks away from Guy & his dream shop gas station the viewer is certain that following your heart, although risky, leaves you happy.

Selected: Palme d’Or 1964



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