Gangsters Dancing the Madison

Band of Outsiders (1964), directed by Jean Luc-Godard, has quite possibly one of the best dances scenes in movie-making history. Not to mention that this trio set of wanna-be gangsters make the record for quickest trip to the Louvre (9 minutes and 43 seconds – beating the previous held title by an American). I need to participate in such an activity this weekend. In all seriousness,  Godard sets to break all rigid structures that typically define a movie – characters speak to the camera, minutes pass without sounds, and an intrusive narrator offers pointless facts in the middle of action. The plot does not even matter. This film is charming and full of silly antics which make it eminently watchable. I’ll be re-watching soon since one time is not enough to understand all the random references.


One comment

  1. Dylan Patrick · October 29, 2010

    Put Alphaville on your list.


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