“He’s a little bit famous, like in a weird, internet kind of way”


Tiny Furniture Trailer from Lena Dunham on Vimeo.

One movie I really want to see is Lena Dunham’s 2010 South by Southwest winner “Tiny Furniture.” If this blog post from the promotional tour of the film is any indication, Lena is hilarious and we should probably become friends.

“Tiny Furniture” has gotten rave reviews and it seems 23-year-old Lena Dunham is a director/writer/actress to watch. I am hoping that “Tiny Furniture” could be the next “Me and You and Everyone We Know” (2005), a personal favorite and another quirky IFC film made by triple-threat Miranda July.

“Tiny Furniture” promises to be funny, charming, and generally make you feel better about contemplating the move home to your parents’ house, so let’s all go see it on November 12.



  1. alyssamayo · October 31, 2010

    I LOL-ed at the title of the video “Nietzschian Cowboy” and Dunham definitely has some great writing in there – I’m excited to see this one too. Reminds me of Hannah Takes the Stairs but funnier – I think I might be able to actually sit thorough this one.


  2. Adam · December 9, 2010

    Saw this last night and It is similair to Hannah takes the stairs only funnier. You can check out my full review (spoiler free) over at http://www.filmbalaya.com


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