join the boat club

i consider myself a pretty big music fan. being able to wear headphones and check out music sites during work allows me to keep up with the newest bands. but, as i’ve expressed to a friend several times recently, it is impossible to keep up with all the music coming out these days – no matter how hard you try. there’s always going to be good music that slips through.

last night i stumbled into boat club, a band i previously knew nothing about. thanks to the fine people of nueva forma (more on them in a future post), boat club’s ‘always away’ made it’s debut on my ipod around 1:30am while i was laying in bed. i immediately took notice of sound, and the similarities to bands like air france, the radio dept., and bridal shop.

this morning i got online and set out to find more information on this little known up and coming band. soon after hitting google it became obvious that i had missed the boat (you see what i did there?) with these guys. their album “caught the breeze” came out in 2007, and beyond that there wasn’t much to report. of course they’re from sweden, home to some of the best indie pop music that’s come out in recent years.

so yeah, these guys aren’t new, and for all i know they’re not even a band anymore. that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a listen. sample their songs below. if ya dig, you can “acquire” their album here.

summer music ain’t always for the summer.

boat club – memories

boat club – warmer climes

boat club – always away


One comment

  1. Lil J (julie paige) · November 10, 2010

    great music, storm! totally diggin’ boat club and your corresponding cheesy puns.


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