watch the glow

museum of bellas artes has been on my radar ever since their first single was released in october via transparent records.  i was immediately captivated by this 3 piece band’s disco pop beats, beautiful vocals, and guitar riffs.

i was not surprised to discover that museum of bellas artes hails from sweden. it seems like all the good music is coming from sweden these days! the band has some tour dates coming up soon in europe, and i have no doubt that they are destined for big things, and hopefully shows in nyc in the near future!

keep your ears out for museum of bellas arte’s new 4 track EP, due to be released this month via force-majeure.

also… you would be silly if you didn’t grab this free compilation of songs: Poule d’Or 5 , featuring “days ahead” by museum of bellas artes,  “white doves” by my favorite, young empires, and many other awesome tracks that i’ve been listening to on repeat and loving.

now, check out museum of bellas artes and enjoy. do ya dig?

museum of bellas artes – days ahead

museum of bellas artes – watch the glow

museum of bellas artes – who do you love?



One comment

  1. Dylan Patrick · November 11, 2010

    Killin’ that electric flute.


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