andré obin is hiding in valencia

with andré obin, you know what you’re going to get pretty quickly. his songs generally feature pounding, forward-thinking beats, and obin tends not to stray far from them. his songs, often on the darker, more brooding side of things, will drive you to nod your head if nothing else.

obin played nyc’s le poisson rouge in september, joining com truise and tycho for a rather stacked wednesday night show. obin was there to support his recent release, “front runner.” armed with his laptop, synthesizer, and some sequencers, obin plowed through the songs on “front runner.” he didn’t waste time with random chit chat between songs, instead choosing to focus on delivering an intense but enjoyable set.

obin’s based in boston, so let’s hope he comes back to nyc for more shows in the near future. in the meantime, check out the songs from “front runner” below, and buy his music if you’re feeling it. ‘the arsonist’ is available for free download, but my favorite is ‘golden hair.’

André Obin – Front Runner by Moodgadget


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