Futurebirds:: A Daytrotter Session

Three months ago I was stood up at the Williamsburg Hall of Music, it was devastating.  My disappointment – that night at least – had nothing to with a flakey female but with a band from Athens, Georgia which had mysteriously disappeared from an otherwise uninspiring bill.  No satisfaction.  I left anxious for the warm tinge of blood drugged by a potent cocktail of artful soundscapes,  pedal steel guitar, and crafted songwriting.  The Futurebirds were apparently sidetracked somewhere in Kentucky, or Tennessee, or wherever, most likely happily drunk on bourbon and beer, servicing others, and I was left holding my…ticket.

Daytrotter – the beloved source for all things new and live and good – has found them and taped them, fucking finally.  The studio session is crisp and full, one of the better I’ve heard from the site in a while.   

WARNING:  this link contains alt-country psychedelia….

Futurebirds:: A Daytrotter Session: Listening With The Owls



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