hola a todo el mundo

Magical pop harmonies for rainy days

Cold and rain arrived to Madrid; also the need to create a playlist for those gray winter days to come. In this same city, 5 people that go under the name Hola A Todo El Mundo (‘Hello To The Whole World’) is my new find for the winter, and will probably get me through rain and snow until summer gets here.

Hola A Todo El Mundo sings in english and they mix electronic, pop and folk ingredients in their self-titled debut album. seriously, all of their songs will have you clapping in no time and smiling for no reason; as you hear all kinds of instruments, from pianos to xylophones, from electric guitars to banjos. Choirs of voices that sound like a bunch of friends having a good time.

Oh, and they are really having a good time. Live they’ll display flowers, colored ropes, lights and hidden instruments under their clothes; it’s magic!

Listen to ‘A movement Between These Two’ clicking here, and let the music take you wherever you’d like to go.


One comment

  1. kim · November 28, 2010

    not a rainy day in new york but this is making me want to hit the like button


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