I’m Happy to Give You A Hug

I had quite possibly one of the best weekends in the two years that I’ve lived in NYC. Thursday night I got to snag a picture with Chris Chu of the Morning Benders. He is incredibly sweet and I’m not just saying that because I have a gigantic crush.

Many thanks to my close friends who participated in a human pyramid experiment on Friday (oh, don’t worry…pictures will be posted very soon).

Saturday night I had an EXCELLENT meal at Mile End in BK. Please do go check it — the waitress is soooooo pretty (@snackyeve) & I’m still dreaming of the  brussels sprout drenched in honey and brown sugar.  A few of us then went to check Lee Fields at the Williamsburgh Hall of Music. The man is a real treat. Considering I’ll be unable to see Al Green in concert, Lee proves to be a wonderful substitute.

I’ve re-posted some songs by “Hola Todo El Mundo” because, they are simply that good (Thank you again Alfonso!!) Enjoy my play-list — I owe you countless movie reviews.

Quadron – Average Fruit

Lee Fields – My World

Hola A Todo El Mundo- Hatem Prayer Team

Hola A Todo El Mundo – A Movement Between These Two

Young Galaxy – Peripheral Visionaries (I stole this one from Lil J)

Morning Benders – Virgins

BuhBye! – DJ EPK



  1. Dylan Patrick · November 22, 2010

    Hannah the cover girl.


  2. Snacks McGee · November 22, 2010

    I’ll smoke your brisket any day, Eileena!


  3. Theo · November 23, 2010

    props for the pyramid


  4. dg · November 25, 2010

    very impressed with the pyramid results


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