Ugh, it’s so ugly when you speak French

While re-immersing myself in civilian life after a grueling few months in Campaignlandia, the other night I made the excellent choice to watch “2 Days in Paris,” the hilarious chronicle of two people on a layover in the most wonderful city in the world. The IFC Film is written and directed and stars Julie Delpy, and as I have already established my love for triple-threat indie females on the Slump, I decided that “2 Days in Paris” would be fitting for me to highlight.

Delpy shares the screen with Adam Goldberg, the particularly hairy and funny actor everyone loves to laugh at. Delpy and Goldberg make an atypical yet very appealing pair, and their back and forth banter throughout the film kept me giggling for two hours straight.

Along with the backdrop, the wit and the acting, the thing that really made me love this film is Delpy’s use of some good old-fashioned language barrier humor. The fact that her family is French and that her dad in the film is also her dad in real life make the family-boyfriend scenes that much better. French people, with their open sensibilities and very low tolerance for bullshit, are undeniably the most entertaining to watch torment an American boyfriend.

All humor aside, “2 Days in Paris” features honest and real dialogue about relationships, what they mean and how we deal with the complications of moving on in life — and retains its pluck and charm the whole way through.

For all of you Netflix users, “2 Days in Paris” can be streamed instantly from the comfort of your home ce soir!


One comment

  1. Lil J (julie paige) · November 23, 2010

    literally just watched this 2 days ago on netflix and i loved it! good review kev : )


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