Atlas Sound:: Bedroom DataBank, Curated

While we feasted, imbibed, and slept this Thanksgiving weekend one tireless songwriter took full advantage of the lull to add to his expanding oeuvre and released an astounding four discs in three days, all  recorded in typical fashion – stream of consciousness.  “Published” on the Deerhunter site under his solo moniker, Atlas Sound, each disc finds  our man Bradford Cox again experimenting with  primitive recording methods and electronics, at times lending heavy distortions to the vocals and instrumentation other times not.  Listening straight through, these tracks jump loosely from synthesized computer compositions to raw acoustic folk.

It’s a testament to Cox’s prolific writing, but by no means are we hearing finished works.  The majority of these 39 tunes are rough drafts: pieces of verse, refrain, and melody we’ll hear come around again, likely in different form and likely cross-pollinated.  If you’re as intrepid a music listener as I you’ll want the whole shebang, which can be found here.  Otherwise, save yourself some time, trust my better judgement, and listen to what’s below.

This is the work of busy mind and I’ve busied myself with sifting through it.  My attempt to curate follows:

freak train (kurt vile)

western shirt

strange parade

pilot light

summer edit


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