your weekend playlist

what up people! i’m here to provide you with some eargasmic songs that are helping to keep me sane as i study for finals, and as the weather turns colder outside. . . hope you all enjoy.

Blackbird Blackbird is one of my fave indie/chillwave/electro/whatever artists. this is the first single from his sophomore release which should be out soon. it is a little different from his older music – a little less hazy,  with a psychedelic pop vibe to it that i am absolutely loving. i caught one of his shows during CMJ, and can’t wait to see him again.

blackbird blackbird –  “erasers”


a gem of a remix i recently found and can’t stop listening to. . .

noah & the whale – “blue skies” (twelves remix)


remix geniuses RAC can do no harm, and this song is no exception. i’ve been listening on repeat. keeps you warm at night.

mr. little jeans – “rescue song” (RAC remix)


there’s something about this song that i just can’t get enough of, and is perfect for this fall-winter transition we are in.

emancipator – “soon it will be cold enough to build fires”


i mean, come on. just listen.

bon iver – “skinny love” (das kapital remix)


xoxo, lil j


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