The Walkmen:: Une Soirée de Poche

To all the things for which we can thank the French let us add Vincent Moon, creator and principle director of La Blogotheque’s videos of ad hoc urban concerts.  And to his already impressive catalogue of striking footage let us add a new series, made in partnership Arte Live Web, entitled Les Soirées de Poche.

To date 14 concerts have been posted, the quality all the same: intimate, artfully lit, and beautifully shot.  Few events though have the power of Hamilton Leithauser’s voice and lyrics, or the delicate and complex instrumentation of The Walkmen.  Their latest album, Lisbon (Fat Possum), a tribute to the benignly neglected capital city, was released to much critical praise  and as 2010 draws to a close it will almost certainly cement itself in my year’s top 5.  Watch and wish you were there.

Soirée de Poche – The Walkmen

See the full series here.


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