::the hundred in the hands::


i’d like to direct your attention to one of my new favorite bands, the hundred in the hands. this duo – jason friedman and eleanore everdell – hail from brooklyn, write their songs together, and say that they have a variety of musical influences but like to “keep it fresh and avoid pastiche.” i say they encompass a rich mix of genres plus a burst of some new musical goodness that makes you want to dance and play their songs on repeat. their self-titled debut album was released in september via Warp Records.

CATCH THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS LIVE THIS THURSDAY, 12/9 at the studio at webster hall.

HOME VIDEO, another band i love, is also playing the show, so this is a unique opportunity to catch 2 extraordinary up-and-coming bands in an intimate setting. check them out here.

bonus: check out THITH ZINE, the hundred in the hands’ website, where they write about, and talk with, bands, artists, and designers they like. pretty cool if you ask me! http://thehundredinthehands.com/

what are you waiting for? take a listen!


“commotion” (just wait for the chorus. . .it’s addictive)

“dressed in dresden”


+  don’t miss their awesome video for “commotion”


lil j


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