::the earth plates are shifting::

as many of you know, YOUNG EMPIRES is one of my favorite bands out there. the canadian trio has a unique sound, and a killer energy at their live shows. while they only have a handful of songs out so far, i am certain they are destined for stardom.

YE’s new song lends further to support to their brilliant future – it’s a real hit and truly exhibits the progression they’ve made in their music. take a listen for yourself. i’ve included a few additional songs of theirs that i love. we will hopefully be hosting them soon at the newtown radio studio on sophomore slump radio! i’ll keep you guys posted.

GRAB THE NEW MP3 RIGHT HERE! (right click, download): Young Empires – The Earth Plates are Shifting

the earth plates are shifting

white doves

french horn rebellion – this moment (young empires remix)

against the wall


lil j


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