Funk Fridays:: James Brown: Get Down, Get Into It, Get Involved

One thing I’ve come to respect in a music fan is a slick and inconspicuous Shazam play.  What a wonderful little piece of technology for the trainspotter elite.  Like the moment, like the song, don’t want to interrupt or  tip your hat that you’re not in the know? Shazam!  You’ve just catalogued the artist and track PLUS the time and place where you heard it.  First date?  Boom! That song registered deep in the subconscious of your now (hopefully) significant other is downloaded AND it has a 5-star iTunes rating for easy reference. Admittedly there are limits to Shazam’s index and you’re not going to tag some wacky bootleg, but a small price to pay.

Anyway, this post was not in any way underwritten by whomever/whatever owns Shazam, I’m mentioning it because I found this song just as I’ve described.  Well, sans date.  I know I’m tipping my hat, but whatever you’re all worth it. Funk Fridays, Get Involved.

James Brown – “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved” from Funk Power 1970: A Brand New Thang


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