last night on the slump. . .

we hope all who tuned into the sophomore slump last night enjoyed our show! we hosted and interviewed a (real live) music journalist named chris barth. he shared some thoughtful insights into the world of music blogging, photography, as well as some hot up-and-coming bands and album releases. oh, and some interesting (unsurprising) stories about dylan in high school.

for those who listened, and those who missed out. . .here’s our playlist from last night, all hand picked by chris. don’t forget to check out all of chris’ blogs, including the stu reid experiment.





2/1 PLAYLIST: the sophomore slump on newtown radio.

1. Tanlines – Real Life

2. Beans – Mellow  You Out

3. Lord Huron – When will I see you again

4. Marina and the Diamonds (clock opera remix) – I am not a robot

5. Heems – Teenage Dreams

6. CyHi Da Prince – Ring Bellz

7. Sleigh Bells – Tell ’em (diplo remix)

8. James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

9. Tune Yards – I really taught me to watusi

tune in next tuesday for another episode of the SLUMP.

xoxo, lil j


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