YOUNG GALAXY is a canadian dreamy pop band on the rise. all of us at sophomore slump are big fans – we’ve posted about them  in the past, and have played a few of their songs on the radio. their songs are truly ethereal and oh so addictive. they take me into a stellar daydreamy haze.

CHECK THEM OUT LIVE on their current tour hitting up many cities in the USA + canada.

for those in the NYC area… 3/18 @ mercury lounge + 3/19 @ knitting factory brooklyn. and … bonus: another fabulous band, winter gloves, is opening for young galaxy. GET TIX NOW! see ya there!


take a listen and enjoy. can ya dig?

((p.s. don’t forget to tune into the sophomore slump on newtown radio every TUESDAY @ 7pm. tell your friends))

“we have everything”


“cover your tracks” (CFCF remix)

“peripheral visionaries”


xoxo, lil j


One comment

  1. giv · March 9, 2011

    this band sucks. this is like if enya and the dorkiest dude in MGMT had sex (lights on, socks on, no eye contact, obviously).

    come oh, post something that makes a man wanna fuck!


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