last night on the slump :: 3/8 playlist

we hope all of our wonderful listeners enjoyed our show last night on newtown radio. thanks for staying tuned in despite our minor technical difficulties. after all, it’s all part of the raw, live radio experience! special thanks to DJ Storm for joining us, who will definitely be back soon and often with his musical wisdom.

if you liked what you heard, or missed the show. . .check out our playlist right here! …and don’t forget to tune into THE SLUMP next (and every) tuesday night on newtown radio!

1) ra ra riot // too dramatic (the morning benders remix)


2) miami horror // moon theory (punks jump up remix)


3) ellie goulding // the writer (alan braxe remix)

4) eddie bo-hook and sling part 1

5) pandit // kathryn, my love

6) big wave riders // skate or die


7) new division // no health

8 ) phantogram // when i’m small (rac mix)

9) a.a. bondy // when the devil’s loose


10) the changes // modern love

11) yello squares // el matador

12) generationals // greenleaf

xoxo, lil j


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