i was recently turned on to british band guillemots, fronted by the awesome fyfe dangerfield, thanks to one of my favorite blogs, dailybeatz. the band has been around for a while, but somehow weren’t on my radar. . . and now, i literally can’t get enough of them. they are releasing a new album in april, and the title track, “walk the river” is so beautiful and catchy, with amazing lyrics that pack the song with emotion. i haven’t found a band that i like this much in a while – it’s indie brit pop rock at its finest.

you should definitely take a listen, and you can even grab a free mp3 of the song from the band for limited time right here. take a listen below – you won’t be disappointed. i’ve also included a few old tracks of theirs i’m in love with at the moment. can ya dig!?

“walk the river”


“trains to brazil”


“annie, let’s not wait”



new AWESOME video by guillemots for new single “the basket”

xoxo, lil j


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