International Heartbreaker

As the majority of you head into another summer full of beach parties, concerts, and what feels like infinite Saturday day drinking sessions, I am fully dressed for my 2nd consecutive winter (puke). But if I must experience winter twice in one year at least I get to be on my favorite continent.

It was a delight to stumble upon Clive Tanaka y Su Orquesta´s album ´Jet Set Siempre No. 1´ whose tunes remind me of my silly summer weekends in New York. There digital cassette is divided into two mood-setting sections:  “For Dance” and “For Romance.” My favorite track, Neu Chicago, has been on repeat all morning – helping me escape from the clouds and rain of Buenos Aires.  It is a melody that absorbs you just enough to shake your hips (even if you are sitting in your cubicle).

Neu Chicago

All Night, All Right

International Heartbreaker

Lonely for the High Scrapers



One comment

  1. maggie · June 1, 2011

    loving these epk


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