Jams De Martes

So the Slump (R.I.P) may be gone for now but I´ll still be randomly posting stuff I find, digg, etc etc.  Today, after a weekend full of playing blackjack at a heavily populated Korean casino in Buenos Aires, I´m in dire need of some extra lovin (my wallet and my heart).

Today´s playlist is a hodgepodge of music I found after heavily searching the mundo of music blogs.


We Were Promised JetPack – Action Impulse (This bands name + the song title = an almost complete sentence. It´s a pick-me-up! And me gusta gusta).

Noah & The Whale – Life is Life (Yukek Remix) (The beginning of the song may sound like a lot of raucous (thanks Yukek Remix) but it give it un chance!  It gets real good)

Chromeo – When The Night Falls (BreakBot Remix) (Chromeo is rarely bad, and Breakbot, I want to have your babies)

SBTRKT – WILDFIRE (I´m a little late on this one but I don´t care. If you like Swedish-Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano then check out Little Dragons album Machine Dreams – one of my favs)



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