En la terraza

En la terraza”  is a music project currently happening in Buenos Aires that I´m pretty obsessed with. The idea is simple;  pick a  balcony and host a musician to record music (all while keeping the details of the event secret). The Argentinians who host it are mimicking the Beatles who, when touring the world would record their music on random balconies.

And it has SUPER buenaonda, I´m even more so in love with the musica. It is authentic ARGIE, which, is sometimes difficult to find since I´m the poster board of Gringo-land. But alas! I have been given a sneak peek into what appears to be the  underground music world of BA.


Mamacita – sentir amor (it is the closet thing to love that i´ve found in this crazy place).


Mamacita – no eres tu (I cant get enough of this Chilean girls music).


Isla de los Estados – Balanceo 


Yilet – Mi Verano de Inverno



p.s. NewtownRadio I miss YOU – recreate a BK version!


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