New York City, Te Amo

New York City I love you but I find my self dreaming about South America all day long. Here is a little flavor of music that reminds me of down South.

Bomba Estero – Fuego (Um HI South America this song makes me want to have your babies)

El Robot Bajo el Agua – Comidita (A little flavor from Argentina – I missed catching these guys live with my departure)

Dos de Febrero (Atropolis Lite Edit) by Atropolis (La Reina of Cumbia en Colombia, what can I say I miss dancing in South American nightclubs)

Los Hermanos McKenzie – Baile Fantasmal Indierock in spanish? Yes

Below is a link to a video by Sofia Viola whose voice is the most soulful thing I’ve ever heard.

As always, dont forget to tune in tomorrow night 7pm to


One comment

  1. mejalook · December 26, 2011

    Awesome tunes. Now I wanna party in the South. Welcome home!!


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