Join us for The Sophomore Slump.
Unless you commute to work in a car, listening to the radio is something you probably do only on road trips.  That leaves most people who live and work in the surrounding NYC area as potential listeners for Newtownradio; a Bushwick-based internet radio station that features local bands, indie music, & undiscovered classics. Here is where The Slump comes in. While we’ve had some technical difficulties here and there – our show has been a real treat – for us at least. We sip PBR and grab a slice of pizza every Tuesday night, breaking up the work week with some of our favorite tunes and sometimes-cute-often-tedious-dare-we-say-sophomoric-banter.

Must give honorable mention to Tariq – who dedicates an incredible amount of time to making the whole thing work. Mark and Colin too – you guys are alright.
Tune in Tuesdays @7pm for Mayo & EPK hosting The Sophomore Slump at http://www.newtownradio.com
We play according to our mood & discuss just about anything.


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